Rapid Ramen Cooker Sells Fast

Meals made with Rapid Ramen Cooker can be eaten right out of the bowl. (Photo Courtesy of Rapid Ramen Inc.)

Inventor Christopher Johnson has a big hit on his hands. Sales of his Rapid Ramen Cooker are exploding.

His bright idea: The bowl is square-shaped like a block of ramen noodles.

Johnson, who says he ate plenty of Top Ramen while a student at the University of California-Davis, invented the Rapid Ramen Cooker to make it easier to microwave the noodles. His bright idea: The bowl is square-shaped like a block of ramen noodles. How had no one thought of this before?

The Rapid Ramen Cooker features a fill line for measuring the right amount of water and heat-resistant handles. It cooks ramen in half the time of traditional stovetop cooking.

Merchants in Johnson’s hometown, including his alma mater’s college bookstore, initially sold the invention, but early shipments sold out quickly. It’s now available on Amazon.com, where it currently boasts a 5-star rating from reviewers. Johnson says he’s sold 1,000 cookers a week since launching last November. This June, Rapid Ramen Cookers will begin selling in 1,000 Safeway stores nationwide.

College students are some of his best customers, Johnson says. That’s not surprising, since many of them subsist on the inexpensive noodles. Rapid Ramen Cooker should be a big seller at stores near college campuses. Retailers interested in selling the cooker can contact Johnson at his Rapid Ramen website.

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