The Best New Product of 2013: Readers’ Top 5 Picks


Industry Edge wanted to say good-bye to 2013 by asking our readers, “What was the best new product of 2013?”

Thanks for voting and here’s to another great year in hardware!

The results were staggering with more than 60,000 votes, a true testament to the passion in this industry. In order to better represent the results of our 2013 Best New Product poll, we’re highlighting the top five products as chosen by our readers.

Thanks for voting and here’s to another great year in hardware!

You can see who made the full Top 25 list here.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock
Photo courtesy of August Smart Lock.

August Smart Lock shook up the hardware industry with the introduction of its tech: a deadbolt that can be controlled by a smartphone. No longer do homeowners need to pass out keys to the dog walker, houseguests and babysitter. Now, electronic keys can be sent with the touch of a button, and deactivated the same way. A user doesn’t even need to remove the smartphone from a pocket or purse to unbolt the door; the August’s Bluetooth technology senses the owner’s approach.  Other companies have already released similar items inspired by it, showing that this product is more than a passing fad.

Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat With Voice Control (VOTERS’ CHOICE)

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control
Photo courtesy of Honeywell.

Now people have a reason to talk to themselves: The thermostat is always listening. Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control responds when a user requests: “Make it warmer in here.” It’s the optimal choice for those who don’t like to get out of bed to adjust the temperature. Not only does the thermostat recognize voices, it also can be controlled using the Web, a tablet or a smartphone. Interior decorating aficionados will appreciate the touch screen’s ability to match or coordinate with wall color.

Namath Rapid Cooker by EdenPURE

Joe Namath Rapid Cooker by EdenPURE
Photo courtesy of National Hardware Show.

Consumers don’t have to be football fans to appreciate Joe Namath’s Cooker by EdenPURE. Namath partnered with his cousin, chef Jon Molnar, to create the cooker that can reach up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. Located on the cooker’s top, the far infrared heat source allows it to surpass the average 600-degree limit of most charcoal and gas grills.  Juices drip into a removable tray, which protects from flare-ups and is easy to clean. Cooks can pull out the grate to inspect meat without affecting the temperature.

PotPals by Winchester Gardens

PotPals by Winchester Gardens are steel decorations that slip over four-inch and six-inch pots.
Photo by Brianna McClane.

Plant lovers and black thumbs alike will appreciate Winchester Garden’s PotPals. The posable steel creations fit most four- and six-inch pots and provide personality to everyday houseplants. A rosemary plant can be transformed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex or the standard house cat with the low-maintenance decor accessory. A holiday line consisting of 10 different holiday-themed options will lend an even more festive feel to Poinsettias. Consumers will appreciate the low cost of the product: Its suggested retail price is below $20.

Roll A Bucket

Roll A Bucket Paint Bucket
Photo courtesy of Zorr Corp.

It’s often the simplest of ideas that make people’s lives easier. Consider the Roll A Bucket. Created by painting contractor Steve Enguita, who was tired of lugging around a 23-pound paint container, the bucket saves professional painters and DIY enthusiasts from back pain with a simple upgrade: wheels. The bright orange bucket is easily maneuvered using a paint roller, much in the same way that a mop bucket is driven by the mop. Those who need a tool for a smaller job can use the Roll A Tray: same concept, different size and shape.

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