October 7, 2015

Garbage isn’t pretty, so it’s no wonder many consumers hide their trash receptacles out of sight.


But just because garbage is unpleasant doesn’t mean the can has to be. Stock up on these trash cans that are attractive enough to take center stage in consumers’ homes.

1. Eva Solo Waste Bin

At first glance, the Eva Solo waste bin could be a trendy art piece that just happens to be displayed in the kitchen or bathroom. The stainless steel and plastic bin opens on all sides and returns to its subtle, sculpture-like state when closed. The widening slope makes it easy for consumers to replace and refill garbage liners.

Retails for $171.02

2. simplehuman Retro Step Can

Every feature of simplehuman’s retro step cans shouts old school, but in a good way. The bright red can, in particular, would add a ’50s-inspired flair to an eclectic kitchen layout. But the hardware, with patented silent-close lid technology and a strong steel pedal made to last over 150,000 steps, is a little more advanced than the appliances of the bygone decade.

Retails for $100

3. Blomus Intro Pushman Trash Can

The Intro Pushman trash can puts a modern twist on a kitschy commercial bin. With letters spelling PUSH on its opening, the stainless steel can in a matte finish invites users to dispose of trash. It’s just quirky enough to blend with contemporary decor without looking like it was taken from a food court.

Retails for $122.99

4. Brabantia Touch Lid Bin

The corrosion-resistant materials in Brabantia’s line of touch-lid bins ensure that the brilliant colors on these bins will endure after repeated use. The line includes a rainbow of colors to fit in with any design scheme, from Caribbean Blue to Radiant Rose. Replacing garbage is also a snap, thanks to a removable stainless steel lid and plastic inner bucket.

Retails for $120

5. Erpa Metall Trash Can

Consumers will love Erpa Metall’s line of trash cans as much as they love the backstory. These sleek, industrial-style waste bins have been churned out in Erpa’s German workshop for 80 years. The pedal-operated cans are coated in powder enamel and topped with high-gloss stainless steel lids. The stamped logos on the front of the bins give a fun nod to their craftsmanship.

20-Liter Metal Pedal Bin: $214.23, 15-Liter Metal Pedal Bin: $180.05, Five-Liter Metal Bathroom Waste Bin: $88.88, at Manufactum

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