October 7, 2015

See what products are trending for closet organization this season.

Without a proper storage system in place, closets can easily become disheveled with mounds of clothes, shoes and other accessories. But shelving and hanging racks are just the beginning of the design process. Zillow highlights new closet design trends that are sure to get customers excited about tackling this arduous task and successfully scratching it off their fall to-do lists.

1. Clear Storage Containers

Boxes and bins are great catchalls for the wide variety of items stored in closets. If these containers are not properly labeled, however, it can be hard to find things. But with clear storage containers, such as the Max Boxes from Buddeez, customers can easily see the content of each box.

2. His and Her Finishes

It’s like that popular Heineken ad from years ago, featuring his and her walk-in closets, only with design finishes instead of beer. Guys can create a more masculine aesthetic in their closets, while women can turn their boudoirs into elegant fashion showcases.

3. Spotlight Lighting

Customers can play up the idea of making their closet a fashion destination with spotlights that are dedicated for trying on clothes and highlighting designer items or creating a more boutique-like atmosphere.

What’s not so hot? Behind-the-door storage, basic setups and dark closets (i.e., minimal lighting).

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