October 14, 2015

The holiday season is nearly here and in preparation many retailers are hiring additional help. Young workers often fill seasonal, part-time positions. The current twenty-somethings, known as Millennials, are considered to be as influential in the job market as Baby Boomers once were, or maybe even more, since Millennials outnumber Boomers by almost 1 million people.

With so many potential hires, how can retailers attract the best Millennials for their open spots?

Rethink who does the interviewing
The Millennial generation wants work to be fun and energetic so retailers should have the most energetic, personable manager conduct interviews.

Encourage referrals
One of the most underutilized recruiting tools today is the old-fashioned method of referral. Great employees most likely know other great potential hires. Plus, the younger generation likes to work in a social environment and likes to work with their friends.

Check the Klout score
Many companies check an applicant’s Klout score. Klout (www.klout.com) gives individuals a score based on how many people they influence through a variety of social media sites. Similar to what an SAT score used to do, the Klout score can give the potential employer an indication of what kind of reputation a person has and how suited that person may be for a job that involves interacting with and influencing people.

Gamification is a trend that applies the concept of playing games to non-game applications. Participants tend to be more engaged and creative when they solve a problem or present an idea by playing a game. For example, during the hiring process retailers may present applicants with an issue their business is facing and encourage them to submit their thoughts on how they would solve it. Or ask, “What is one product you think we should start offering in our store, and why?”  While retailers shouldn’t expect a detailed business proposal, they should look for creativity and aptitude for future leadership.

Get Digital
Some companies today are using short videos, posted on YouTube, the company’s website or social media sites, as recruiting devices. They give the potential employee a sense of the company’s work culture and objectives, which Millennials value highly. It also sends the message that the business is current and progressive.

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