October 14, 2015

With the recent droughts in California, and water concerns growing throughout the country, consumers are looking for ways to conserve water and save on utility bills. Water storage systems, such as cisterns and rain barrels, have been growing in interest.

Cisterns are typically seen in rural areas, where tracts of land have no access to springs, or where the water table is too low for a cost-effective well or where the ground water has been contaminated, however they do have applications in some urban or suburban areas as city codes change to reflect the interests of the populace. Cisterns generally hold several hundred to several thousand gallons of water and can be buried underground.

While cisterns are more adapted to rural areas due to their size – with some holding thousands of gallons of water, rain barrels have grown in popularity within urban and suburban locations, and are typically utilize to store rainwater for landscaping use.

Rain barrels can come in several sizes and décor options, which can fit into a variety of home landscapes. The newest generation of rain storage also goes beyond the typical flat-topped, round barrel. Today’s barrels have features such as planter boxes, spigots that can be positioned for convenience, and shapes that can be used to create focal features within the landscape or as space dividers and walls.

The rise in popularity of rainwater storage systems also gives retailers a unique opportunity for additional sales, such as water purification and filtration if the water is used for consumption, as well as treatments for algae and mosquito control.

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