October 14, 2015

The holidays bring with them a multitude of decorative items, all of which have to be stored at the end of the season. Retailers can benefit by carrying holiday specific storage solutions to help consumers combat the end-of-season storage struggle.

Among the various holiday items that need to be stored are wrapping essentials (papers, bags, ribbons and bows, tape, scissors and gift tags), lights, ornaments, wreaths and decorative flags, and artificial trees. Luckily, a number of products exist that make storing these items incredibly easy.

Giftwrap Stations – these solutions not only store wrapping essentials, they can conveniently be moved to a different areas, and can also be easily stored within a corner of a room or within a closet.

Light Reels – whether covered or open, light reels make it simple to bundle string lights for storage. Another benefit comes when reinstalling lights for the next season, as the reels help prevent tangling strands.

Ornaments – one great feature of ornament storage is the divider panels that allow each individual ornament its own separate compartment. This reduces the chances of fragile pieces being chipped or broken during storage, or when boxes are moved. In some containers, dividers can be adjusted for larger ornaments.

Wreaths – not everyone has a live wreath, and for those who make the investment in an artificial one, proper storage is necessary for keeping it looking its best. Zippered cloth wreath bags offer dust-free storage, while hard shell cases also protect wreaths from being crushed or damaged.

Artificial Trees – an artificial tree, much like a wreath, is a long-term investment, so proper storage is key to keeping it looking its best. Most tree storage options are soft-case, either fabric or poly-based, many have rollers to aid in moving, and some have options such as clips to provide a hanging storage option.

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