October 14, 2015

Spring may be the traditional time for house cleaning but with the kids returning to school, schedules returning to normal and seasonal wardrobe changes on the horizon; fall is the perfect time for overhauling closets.

Organizational experts recommend removing all items from the closet, cleaning the space and then sorting items into store, keep, toss and give piles. After placing storage items in bins and swapping seasonal clothing, customers may want to update the closet with a new organizational system.
Retailers can help by promoting storage bins, organizational items, and easy-to-install closet systems. Fortunately, several vendors provide reliable storage products. Some are listed here:

Lido Designs (www.lidodesigns.com) offers a plastic closet solution for easy installation.

Seville Classics (www.sevilleclassics.com) provides many organizational products, including expandable closet organizers in chrome and canvas box sets perfect for clothing storage.

Easy Track (www.m.easytrack.com) provides retailers with easy-to-install, whole closet systems.

The best news is according to a report from Packaged Facts, Home Organization in the U.S.: General Purpose, Closets, Garages, and Storage Sheds, 3rd Edition (http://www.packagedfacts.com/Home-Organization-General-8558321/), sales in closet organization products have grown steadily since stalling from 2006 to 2010. With a pent up demand for storage items brought on by the recession, there is a strong outlook for future sales.

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