Winter Comfort: Humidifiers and Space Heaters

October 20, 2015

Space Heater

As much as we hate to admit it, winter is right around the corner, and with it comes cold, dry air. To increase comfort during these colder months, consumers are turning to a range of personal space heaters and humidifiers that allow them to more easily control their immediate surroundings.

Heating Your Space

Whether for the home or for the office, personal electric heaters are always in demand. Office spaces are notorious for uneven heating and cooling, and in the winter, no one wants to be in the space that is too cold. Under-desk personal heaters are just the things to take the edge off of the chill, making for a more comfortable work environment.

Personal heaters also work well for individual rooms within the home. Many homeowners are turning down the main thermostats and opting to use smaller space heaters to offset the reduction in areas most used by the family. Additionally, areas prone to drafts can benefit from having supplemental sources of heating to prevent overuse of the main household HVAC, thereby providing possible cost savings to the homeowner over the course of the colder months.

Humidifying the Air

While humidity may not be welcome during the height of summer, during the dryer winter months, it is necessary to alleviate irritated nasal passages, help with breathing during colds and flus, and stave off dry skin. The benefits of humidified air aren’t just limited to health; moist air also retains heat much better than dry air, thereby making spaces feel warmer without additional heat input.

One of the newest trends in humidifiers is the personal desktop version. These portable units have either a small, fillable reservoir or can utilize a standard, 20-ounce water bottle, making it very easy to use on a bedside table, or on a desktop, as well as making them ideal for travel. Because of their size, personal humidifiers generally work best in close proximity to the individual using it. A nice feature is that personal humidifiers come in a variety of styles to fit the consumer’s personal aesthetic; many are even designed with kids in mind, with units shaped like animals or favorite cartoon characters.

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