Wood-Grain Tile

October 20, 2015

Wood Flooring_2

Hardwood floors have had a long-standing tradition in home decor and continue to maintain a high degree of popularity. But hardwoods aren’t always the best choice in some applications. Luckily, there are ceramic and porcelain tile options that offer the look of wood without some of the drawbacks.

Wood-grain tiles have been gaining popularity thanks to consumer desire for wood-look flooring for areas not typically good for hardwood, such as bathrooms, finished basements, or extremely high-traffic areas. Tiles are great for use with radiant-floor heating, as a flooring option for patios, or even in shower stalls or as a kitchen backsplash. Also, in warmer climates, ceramic and porcelain tiles help keep the room cooler, thereby lowering cooling costs.

Consumers will also find it easy to find a tile to meet their design needs. Much like natural wood, ceramic and porcelain wood-grain tiles are available in a large variety of colors, plank widths, and finished styles to choose from (including parquet and inlay designs). And grout lines are not a big concern; many of these tiles have low-profile, smooth edges, allowing for a tighter fit and less visible grout.

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