November 4, 2015

Fall home maintenance lists can be extensive, and among the many chores facing homeowners, gutter cleaning and maintenance ranks among one of the top to-do items. Retailers can make the process easier by highlighting the following items:

  • Gloves, ladders, tarps and waste disposal bags are the basics needed for routine gutter cleaning.
  • Safety glasses are recommended for all homeowners, especially those using power equipment, such as pressure washers or leaf blowers.
  • Extension attachments for pressure washers and leaf blowers include several on the market to be used from ground level. These are growing in popularity, especially among older DIYers who no longer want to climb ladders.
  • Sealants to fix small holes or cracks in otherwise good gutters, such as Flex Seal ( or Mighty Sealer (
  • Replacement parts, such as brackets.

Another tool for gutter cleaning is the iRobot Looj, a mechanical cleaning bot that, when placed in the gutter, removes debris and sludge. The iRobot Looj ( can be set for automatic cleaning or be controlled via remote control, and has the capability of cleaning 30 feet of gutter within five minutes.

Additional products are also available to keep gutters clean and clog-free, such as perforated gutter covers and gutter inserts like Gutter Stuff (

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