Winter Prep: Proper Outdoor Lighting

November 4, 2015

As the days grow shorter, preparing home exteriors for winter becomes a priority. Not only does this include fall yard cleanup and winterization of irrigation systems, it also means taking stock of outdoor electrical projects, especially home exterior lighting, which, during long winter nights, can become a safety issue. Retailers should encourage customers to take these steps to ensure proper lighting during winter months:

  • Cut back bushes or other greenery that has grown around lights. Not only do they block the light, organic materials can dry out and potentially catch fire.
  • Check lighting for signs of damage, loose wires, or faulty switches. If found, repair or replace.
  • Clean up and check outdoor electrical outlets and boxes, especially if used for holiday lighting. If needed, contact an electrician to repair or update these units.
  • Take an inventory of outdoor lighting and note areas that may need additional coverage.

If more lighting is needed, a huge variety of lighting styles are available—everything from security floodlights to accent and feature lighting to LED and solar. Outdoor lighting can also be pre-programmed for certain hours or lighting conditions, or controlled from a smartphone application.

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