November 11, 2015

More than half of all adults in the United States drink coffee on a daily basis (, and many of these individuals commute to work, mug in hand.

Coffee mugs are always a popular gift during the holiday season, and following trends in other products, mugs are becoming more high-tech, integrating non-spill and thermal retention properties with other features, such as active warming and smartphone control.

There are several models of travel coffee mugs available to the market, giving retailers many opportunities to offer the millions of coffee drinkers a variety of products to meet their java needs. These mugs range from insulated, spill-proof versions, such as Contigo brand AutoSeal West Loop, Extreme, or SnapSeal lines ( or the Brugo Travel Mug that offers a temperature control bypass chamber to prevent mouth burns (, to 12-volt plug-in digital units, like the Retro Roaster Java Cup (, which can keep coffee at optimum temperatures up to 160 degrees.

Keep an eye out for the Ember Mug by Ember Technologies ( that promises not only active temperature control to keep beverages hotter for longer periods of time, but also offers smartphone connectivity so beverage enthusiasts can set or adjust their optimum temperature for personalized drinking enjoyment. Currently under production, the Ember Mug is slated for delivery in April 2016.

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