November 11, 2015

For quite some time, consumer desire for environmentally green products has risen. This desire has spilled over into the home improvement and building industries, as both consumers and builders look for products that meet demands for quality and eco-friendliness.

VOC-compliant and low-VOC products have increased in quality as manufacturers have developed materials that can mimic higher-VOC compounds, lending to strength, flexibility and durability. In addition to reduced VOC fumes, some of these newer products have the added benefit of easier use than standard materials. For instance, Gorilla Glue PVC Cement has a one-step application process and is easily cleaned up with water. (

Several other lines are either VOC-compliant, which are within government guidelines for VOC levels, or low-VOC emitting, which contain even fewer VOCs and are preferred for green building or LEED certification. Additional companies and product lines include:

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