November 18, 2015

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and during the holidays, the kitchen becomes even more important. While pot fillers and warming drawers might be on several wish lists, not every homeowner is lucky enough to have the space for those features. However, there are some features required by top chefs that are within reach to most home cooks looking to upgrade or renovate.

Counter space is one of the top features chefs want in their kitchens. Whether this is achieved by creating a large center island, or by having enough storage to keep small appliances neatly tucked away, having the room to prep vegetables or roll out dough is essential. But chefs don’t always agree as to the best surface material. Whether it’s butcher block, granite, marble, or stainless steel, personal preference plays a bigger role.

Many chefs also want to have plenty of electrical outlets. With the number of small appliances, such as stand mixers, sous vide circulators, food processors and more, having outlets every few feet, as well as outlets within installed islands, is a plus.

Task lighting is also important. Though overall illumination is necessary, having lighting that is more dedicated to certain areas, such as pendant lighting that focuses on a prep counter, can make a huge difference.

Finally, storage is a key desire of most chefs. Having everything put away in an organized and un-crowded manner is important, but chefs also want the ability to quickly grab a necessary piece of equipment in order to make prep work, cooking and cleanup more efficient.

Retailers and builders who offer design services that incorporate the requirements of professional chefs not only provide their customers with a better experience, but may also bring them back for additional services and supplies.

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