November 18, 2015

Bigger, bolder, and brighter is the name of the game for this year’s holiday decorating season. With the economy on a continued path of improvement, consumers are spending more this holiday season, including in the area of holiday decor, as they look to refresh the appearance of their homes before holiday celebrations. The latest trends in decorating this season include:

  • Artificial trees in all white or in bright colors, such as vibrant purple or neon green
  • Smaller stature trees placed on risers or in containers, or used to line outdoor walkways
  • Larger scale ornaments, ornaments with whimsical colors or patterns
  • LED lights in bright colors, and hedges wrapped in net lights
  • Yard ornamentation in larger scale (such as life-size toy soldiers), animated and lit lawn statues, and lights set to music.
  • Moravian stars
  • DIY lawn ornaments, such as giant lit Christmas balls made from chicken wire and string lights, or varying sized wreaths stacked to make a snowman

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