November 25, 2015

Black Friday

Big-box retailers like Target and Best Buy have had years of experience handling the rush of crowds on Black Friday. Thanks to the popularity of online shopping and the spread of holiday deals over a week, the days of crushing crowds may be behind retailers, but stores should still institute tools to ensure a smooth and successful Black Friday weekend. Below is a list of tools big-boxes use:

  • Hand out a map to customers with deal locations in store.
  • Encourage employees to memorize all deals.
  • Assign one employee to assist cashiers and funnel customers through lines.
  • Provide donuts and coffee or catered meals for employees.
  • Tell employees to slow down and make the customer in front of them a priority, no matter how busy the store gets.
  • Use balloons to draw attention to deals (retailers have discovered they work better than signage or pricing numbers).
  • Put biggest deals in areas that are easy to access and don’t block traffic flow.
  • Do a practice run before the weekend with role-playing of customer situations in order to work through problems and questions ahead of time.
  • Offer small bonuses, gifts, prizes or special discounts to employees as an appreciation for hard work and to keep morale high.
  • If the store draws lines outside prior to opening, assign an employee to hand out coupons and keep order by entertaining customers with deals.

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