November 25, 2015

Lighting Trends

Good lighting is a key component of any home. It provides illumination for safety and task completion, it sets the mood for a space, and it can enhance a room’s decor.

Consumers looking to update a room will often change out lighting fixtures, either to better meet their lighting needs, or to match new decor. Many consumers want statement lighting. These fixtures are more about trends than utility. Below are some trends to look for in 2016:

  • Metallic fixtures, such as copper and gold. According to Toni Schefer Design (, while gold is not necessarily new, it has had staying power over the past several years.
  • Industrial-style lighting is still on trend and is gaining in sales, thanks to the popularity of the Edison bulb, streamlined retro-style fixtures, and artistic wire and glass designs.
  • Rounded fixtures, like modern globe pendant lights
  • Clear and translucent colored glass fixtures

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