November 25, 2015

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Hidden storage spaces are not a new idea; there are many examples of antique furniture with hidden storage compartments, and many people are familiar with the wall safe hidden behind the painting. Today, there are still products available that provide hidden storage while also serving another purpose.

Playing off of the safe-behind-the-painting idea is the storage mirror. While there are units that are freestanding that offer some type of storage, such as clothing racks or shelves, the products that offer hidden storage hang on the wall and have either hinged or sliding mechanisms. Mirrored storage can have several possible applications—in an entryway for keys, in a bathroom as a medicine cabinet, or in a dressing area for jewelry or other accessories.

Shelving is commonplace in most homes, and there are now wall shelves that contain hidden compartments.  One example of this type of shelving comes from Tactical Walls ( With the appearance and utility of a standard floating shelf, this product has a lockable, drop-down, lined compartment used for firearm storage, though it is not limited to just firearms.

Finally, for fans of hidden rooms, products like The Murphy Door ( may offer consumers the perfect way to achieve having one in their own homes without sacrificing storage, space, or design. Options include flush mounted doors that look like niche-style bookcases and surface mounted units that mimic freestanding furniture.

Retailers can either carry some of the above items in their stores, or can showcase any number of DIY versions (for mirrors or floating shelves) for customers who may be interested in a novel way to store their belongings.

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