November 25, 2015

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When it comes to power tools, homeowners (especially new homeowners) may wonder which tools are must-haves for their toolbox arsenal. Retailers can help by guiding customers to the right tools to have on hand for any project they may encounter. The top three tools every homeowner should have are:

  • Circular Saw: The perfect saw to cut plywood, MDF, 2x4s and more, the circular saw fits the needs of most consumers. Retailers can suggest any number of makes and models, including those with rechargeable batteries, as well as increase sales through add-ons like storage cases and replacement blades.
  • Drill-Driver: A drill-driver is a key component for any home improvement or DIY project. Much like the circular saw, add-ons like bit sets are great for increased sales.
  • Electric Screwdriver: Many times a homeowner will have a smaller project in which a drill-driver would have too much power. Electric screwdrivers are perfect for these smaller tasks. They also work well for small craft projects or some hobbies, which increases the market and would be a good entry-level power tool for kids.

Runner-up contenders include reciprocating saws and air compressors. While air compressors have a variety of uses, from inflating bicycle tires to clearing leaves from gutters and downspouts to nailing finish trim (depending upon the accessories attached to it), reciprocating saws may be more useful to serious DIYers. Staff should be able to determine the skill levels and needs of customers to guide them in the right direction. Retailers can also consider bundling these items together to create a perfect holiday tool package for new homeowners. Not only does this drive transaction size, it also is a convenient way for consumers to shop.

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