Latest in Extension Cord Technology

December 2, 2015

In today’s interconnected world, consumers’ need for getting power where they need it for all of the appliances and devices is on the rise. But power outlets are not always conveniently located, which creates a strong market for extension cords, power strips and surge protectors.

There are a few new trends in power cord technology to fulfill consumer needs. Among these are:

  • Adjustable outlets. There are several types within this category, such as the Fluid Power Flexible Power Strip by Quirky, or the Rotating Power Strip by Quail Electronics (
  • USB-integrated power strips that combine not only standard plugs, but have outlets for charging USB devices. One example is the Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB ports (
  • Multiple-outlet extension cords, like the PowerSquid Surge Protector Calamari Edition that includes six outlet ends (two of them lighted for ease of finding in the dark), as well as protection for Coax and DSL (
  • Extension cords and power strips with lay-flat plugs that do not interfere with furniture placement.
  • Power strips with power management capabilities, like those by TrickleStar ( These strips allow not only for “always on” power for certain electronics, but can also turn off multiple devices when one “control device” is turned off.

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