December 2, 2015


During the holiday shopping season, employee support becomes top priority for owners and operators. High morale not only helps employees get through long days, it also promotes good customer service and coveted repeat business. Below are the two most important steps managers can take to boost morale:

  • Feed Employees – Keep employees hydrated and fed by providing bottled water, catered meals or snacks and candy. Water helps prevent headaches while candy and other snacks keep energy levels high. If employees seem overwhelmed or frustrated, give them permission to leave the floor for a short refresher in the back room.
  • Thank Employees – An attitude of gratitude goes a long way with employees. Remember to thank them at the end of each shift. When you see them doing something right on the sales floor compliment them.

In addition to the above steps, retailers should create schedules, grids of salesfloor coverage, and establish parking rules far in advance so employees know what to expect. Repetitive and open communication is vital. For a winning game day speech consider the following points:

  • Encourage employees to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Show employees where the backup supplies, like register tape, gift cards, pens, markers and scissors, are located.
  • Show everyone how to reboot the Wifi.
  • Tell employees to keep in mind that they don’t know what kind of day customers are having so they shouldn’t take grumpy customers personally. Challenge them to turn the customer’s day around.
  • Point out that although the employees are dealing with hundreds of customers, each customer is only dealing with one employee so they should make a good impression.
  • Encourage employees to keep in mind that for every troublesome customer they deal with they will also help a very grateful customer find the perfect gift.
  • Tell employees that there is nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t know, but I will find someone who does.”
  • Remind them that busy is good.
  • Create an atmosphere of teamwork by encouraging staff to help co-workers and return the favor when they’ve been helped.

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