December 2, 2015

Personalizing rooms using decorative paint techniques is nothing new, but consumers do look for new trends in how to add those special touches to create drama in an otherwise basic paint job. For 2016, retailers can suggest some of the following trends to their customers.

  • Geometric designs such as chevrons or stripes in coordinating colors
  • Wallpaper-like looks created through the use of large stencils, or by a tone-on-tone paint technique. For the tone-on-tone, consumers will need the same paint in two different finishes, matte and gloss; the matte finish is the base coat while the pattern is painted in the gloss finish.
  • Ombre or color washes. Moving from light to dark, the technique uses a base coat of paint followed by two additional darker paints. To increase sales, retailers can offer workshops in ombre effect.
  • Color-blocking. Unlike the blending effect achieved through the ombre technique, color-blocking can accent an otherwise plain wall with sharply defined areas of color that draw the eye.
  • Typography has been a growing trend as consumers paint favorite quotes, inspirational mantras, or special words onto their walls. Retailers can offer a variety of brushes, hand-held paint containers, and even stencils to help consumers easily achieve this look.

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