December 9, 2015

Diehard sports fans don’t stop tailgating when the weather turns cold—they just pick up products to help them face whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Retailers can help by offering the following items:

  • Hand and foot warmers, like those by Yaktrax or Hot Hands (
  • Portable propane heaters
  • Canopies, including those with removable sides that offer a break from the breeze.
  • Heated camp chairs, like Chaheati (, or chair inserts, like Toasty Tush (
  • Heated stadium seat cushions. Many are rechargeable, and some offer USB outlets for charging cell phones.
  • Ground coverings like tarps, insulated panels, or carpet to create a barrier from the cold ground.
  • Insulated hot food carriers and thermoses for hot beverages.

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