December 9, 2015

Winter weather is upon us, and coming with it is the demand for snow blowers. But not all of these devices are suited for every application, nor are they the right fit for every customer. Retailers can maximize sales by making sure certain employees are trained to ask the right questions and translate customer needs into great product suggestions.

While retailers generally know about the typical weather conditions in their region, some useful questions to guide the customer could be:

  • Would you prefer a gas- or electric-powered blower? If electric, corded or cordless? If a customer wants rechargeable cordless, models like the Greenworks DigiPro G-max ( or the Toro Power Curve ( can work for typical applications.
  • Will you be cleaning paved surfaces, or will the device be used on gravel? If a driveway is gravel, suggest the heavier-duty, two-stage blowers.
  • How much area will you be cleaning?
  • What level of routine maintenance are you willing to perform? Larger gas models generally require more routine upkeep than smaller electric devices.
  • How much storage space do you have? If it’s limited, the customer may want a smaller snow blower, or may want to go with a convertible system like Troy-Bilt’s Flex System, which is a powerbase unit with various attachments, including a snow thrower unit. (

Though some customers may try to argue the point, bigger does not always mean better when it comes to snow blowers, and finding the right fit for the consumer will translate into a better experience and future sales. And, don’t forget add-ons, like ear protection, hand and foot warmers, snow chute cleaners, heavy-duty gloves and hats, ice cleats for boots and chains for snow blower tires.

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