December 16, 2015

Strong storms and winter weather have high potential for causing power outages, some of which can be long-lasting. To maintain a limited amount of electrical service, many homeowners turn to generators for powering critical appliances and accessories until regular service returns.

Of the two types of generators, portable generators are the most common for consumers to request when visiting a hardware or home improvement location, and while there are many brands to choose from, they all fall under one of two types: fuel-powered and solar.

Key features consumers may look for in a portable generator include:

  • Easy on/off switches for starting and stopping the generator. Hand-start models may be harder to operate for some individuals, making models with push-button starters more appealing.
  • Sturdy handles and wheels to aid portability.
  • Fuel gauges and larger fuel tanks for fuel-powered models. This helps the consumer track usage and reduces time spent refilling the unit.
  • Circuit breakers to prevent damage to appliances and accessories in case of a power surge.

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