December 16, 2015

Farming has always depended upon the right weather conditions, and with advances in forecasting and remote-sensing technology, combined with IoT (the Internet of Things), farming has made a giant leap into removing the guesswork and using information to drive profits.

One such leap has been in the area of smart technology, and the integration of weather monitoring stations and field sensors into applications that can be viewed on smartphones. This has allowed farmers to track conditions such as wind and ambient temperature, as well as provide information on the microclimate of a given field. Having this information at their fingertips allows farmers to make specific adjustments to irrigation levels, pesticide and herbicide application and more, which in turn can result in cost savings and increased yields come harvest.

While this technology is extremely helpful for farmers with several hundred acres, or who manage multiple farming locations, hobby farmers and homesteaders can also benefit through reduced input costs as well as maximized production for either personal use, or for market.

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