December 23, 2015

When the holiday season passes, many consumers start to think about home improvement and decor projects, including finally getting around to refinishing that yard sale find or sprucing up a cherished piece of furniture that may have become a bit tired-looking.

As retailers know, there are a number of products available for refinishing furniture, and because of this, consumers can become quickly overwhelmed when trying to decide what products will work best for their projects. Employees knowledgeable in product lines are the best offense for creating sales and ensuring the customer leaves with the right products and supplies for the job. Among the necessary equipment needed is:

  • Paint and finish strippers.
  • Brushes and rollers.
  • Sandpaper of varying grit, and sanding blocks.  For larger jobs, suggest the use of a power sander.
  • Drop cloths or tarps.
  • Scrapers.
  • Fine steel wool.
  • Paste wax (non-painted finishes).
  • Plastic containers for brushes, solvents, etc.
  • Gloves, eye protection, and dust masks/respirators.

The final finish can be a very personal choice. Some customers may opt for stained finishes; for those new to furniture refinishing, wipe-on versions of stains may be the most user-friendly. According to an article in Hardware Retailing magazine (, one trend from 2015 was the use of chalk paint to update furniture, and that trend appears to be continuing into the New Year. Metallic accents, both in accessories and in paint details, also seem to be increasing in popularity.

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