December 23, 2015


For some, décor limitations exist. Apartment dwellers and dorm residents are oftentimes restricted from dramatically changing the look of their spaces; there are rules against painting the walls, hanging picture frames, or installing shelves. But there are ways to achieve a unique look without damaging the walls.  Retailers in markets with a large college population or several apartment communities may consider stocking a few of the following items:

  • Washi tape, or Japanese masking tape, is one of the hot decorating trends for walls (as well as other items). Its low-tack adhesive and wide variety of colors, designs and widths makes it a great alternative for consumers who aren’t allowed to paint their walls.
  • Another alternative to paint comes in the form of removable wall decals. Much like washi tape, removable decals generally have a low-tack adhesive that allows it to be easily peeled from the wall, leaving little to no residue behind. This sector has a huge variety of decor options, including contemporary designs, quotations, “photo frames,” licensed materials (such as sports teams, superheroes or movie characters) and more. Decals are great for rooms that may change decor often, such as kids’ rooms.
  • Wallpaper, or rather removable wallpaper. With hundreds of colors and designs, removable wallpaper is a wonderful alternative for creating a custom look. There are multiple brands to choose from, including Tempaper (, Swag Paper (, and Sherwin Williams (
  • Removable wall hooks are a great way to hang framed art, photos or other items without using a nail. These products come in a variety of sizes, weight thresholds, and designs to fit practically any need and decor, and remove easily without damaging the wall. Some, like Command products by 3M (, have refill adhesive strips available, making it easy for consumers to remove and reuse their hooks multiple times.

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