Tips for Capturing Sales in Pet Accessories

December 23, 2015

Consumers spend billions of dollars every year on products for their pets, and that’s not counting food or veterinary services. Winter spending on pets is on the rise as pets are increasingly considered members of the family, and the products purchased for them reflect that familial sentiment. Retailers who stock cold-weather pet care items and holiday-themed pet products can capture a share of this consumer spending.

Some products consumers look for when buying for their pets are:

  • Heated water bowls. Like their human counterparts, pets need additional hydration during the winter months. Standard water bowls can freeze over and prevent pets from drinking. Heated bowls keep water at temperatures above freezing, thereby keeping water in liquid form and at a more pleasant drinking temperature.
  • Heated pads and beds. Available in both self-warming and powered versions, heated pads and beds help pets stay comfortable on cold nights.
  • Heated outdoor pet houses and insulation kits.
  • For Dogs: boots for paw protection during walks, and paw cleaners, such as Petkin Paw Wipes (, or the Paw Plunger ( Additionally, lotions to combat dry or cracked paw pads.
  • Pet-friendly ice melt, such as Safe Paw Ice Melt (
  • Pet jackets and sweaters.
  • Holiday-themed gear, such as collars, leashes and costumes.

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