December 23, 2015

Nothing beats the taste of grilled meat, but grilling during the winter comes with challenges. Retailers can offer customers tools to make winter grilling easier.

  • Heavy-duty grills that can retain heat are the best for wintertime grilling. With lower temperatures comes the need for higher heat and heat retention; grills with insulated construction and heavy grates, and gas grills with high BTUs do well in inclement weather. When customers come in to purchase a grill, have staff ask if they grill during colder months; if they do, steer them toward grills that can handle the weather.
  • Patio heaters can come in handy to keep the chill at bay when tending the grill.
  • Winter is accompanied by shorter days, and lighting is important to grilling safely and making certain food is done. Lighted grilling tools, like spatulas and tongs by Grillight (, or an attachable task light, like those by Grilluminator ( or Life Mounts (, increase visibility.
  • Grills perform better when snow is cleaned away from the area. Be certain that customers have shovels and brushes to help remove what Mother Nature has left. And don’t forget the ice melt to keep surfaces free from icy patches.
  • Fuel for the grill. Consumers may underestimate the amount of charcoal or gas they will need to use in colder temperatures. Suggest getting an extra bag of charcoal or a backup tank of gas so they don’t run out of fuel before the food is done.

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