January 6, 2016

The lineup of countertop appliances may soon increase thanks to two new products currently undergoing very popular crowd-funding campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Though unlike current appliances for brewing coffee or tea, or for making sodas, these brew beer.

Consumer interest in microbrews and home brewing has been growing over the last decade, and both the PicoBrew and the Mini Brew seek to tap into this market by offering a much simplified brewing and fermentation process. Each claim that the process will be as simple as adding the ingredients, turning on the machine and walking away while it does its thing, making it simple for inexperienced home brewers to create beer without the hassle. Both have available apps to connect home brewers with each other and professional brewers, as well as to order supplies or exchange recipes. The PicoBrew also offers pre-measured packages, further simplifying the process.

Both the PicoBrew and the MiniBrew are slated for delivery to campaign backers in March and April 2016 respectively.

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