January 6, 2016

One trend that has been growing over the past year is that of the Lumberjack look – a bearded man wearing heavy-duty boots, work pants and flannel shirts. For urban retailers who carry work-wear and outdoor clothing, this trend has translated to increased sales. The trend will continue in the new year with many of the related clothing companies expanding.

For retailers in rural areas, heavy-duty cold weather work wear is a must when tending livestock or mending fences in the winter and can also make a successful niche. Lined worked jackets and coveralls, insulated work boots, hats and gloves are all necessary parts of a cold weather work outfit. Additional items that customers may look for are thermal underwear, wool socks, low-profile behind-the-head earmuffs, and balaclavas. Hand and foot warmers, and balms for chapped lips and skin not only make working out-of-doors more tolerable, they also provide for great add-on sales.

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