January 6, 2016

For homeowners, one of the easiest ways to dramatically change the look of a room is with paint, however painting can sometimes take more time than expected if there are multiple surfaces that have to be taped off prior to cracking open the first can of paint. For some, the idea of taking time to tape off windows and door hinges is unappealing, and they just ignore the step, only to find that cleanup afterward is just as time consuming.

Paint departments can be very helpful in this area by offering consumers products that apply easily, protect surfaces during painting, and clean up without residue. Two types of products that fall under this category are hinge tapes and glass masking liquids.

While masking or painter’s tape is generally used by homeowners when prepping for paint, hinge tapes and glass-masking liquids offer similar or greater protection from bleed through and can save consumers time because of their quick application when compared to standard tape techniques. They also take less time to remove during cleanup than scraping unwanted paint from hinge and window surfaces.

Since these products are not readily in the minds of consumers, instruct paint department staff to suggest them to paint customers, or consider having a feature display within paint accessories.

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