January 13, 2016

Residential consumers and contractors alike enjoy the convenience of cordless electric power tools. Having the ability to work away from power sources and be free of cords and cables that can be difficult to work around can make tasks run more smoothly and can increase the safety of the job. However, one downside to cordless technology in the past has been short battery life, causing delays in task completion or the need to have multiple batteries and chargers on hand. Luckily, cordless technology has evolved to meet consumer demand for longer battery life, increased performance and other features.

One brand that has improved on the standard Li-ion battery is Milwaukee Tool with its M18 REDLITHIUMXC Extended Capacity Battery (www.milwaukeetool.com). This battery offers features such as a charge indicator, “fade-free power”, and overload protection. It also addresses a complaint often heard about in earlier generations of Li-ion batteries by having increased performance in weather conditions below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Bosch Tools (www.boschtools.com) also addresses many of the consumer issues with short battery life through increased run-time as well as through their wireless charging technology, which charges batteries without having to remove them from the tool. The charging dock operates on inductive technology. Users just need to set the tool into the docking station and the battery will charge.

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