January 13, 2016

Outdoor recreation does not always mean travelling with only the bare necessities stowed in a backpack. Hunters, hikers and others may need to carry additional gear that does not easily fit in a pack or that may be heavier and more bulky than can be easily carried over rough terrain.

For retailers who may have a number of serious outdoor enthusiasts as customers, all-terrain handcarts may be an item to consider stocking. These carts offer the ability to carry a much larger payload over non-paved areas with similar effort as carrying a backpack with less gear. Most are constructed of lightweight, yet heavy-duty aluminum, with a braking system for safety on downslopes. Of the several models available on the market, two mono-wheel examples include:

  • Pack Wheel (www.packwheel.com) – This pack is a lightweight (8 ¾ pounds), welded aluminum collapsible cart with a disc-brake system. It’s single tire is lined to lessen impact on the tube. It is made in the U.S.
  • Dixon Rollerpack (www.dixonrollerpack.com) –This includes two separate models – one for loads of 50 pounds, the other for loads of 75 pounds or taller individuals. Each weigh in at 7.5 and 9.5 pounds respectively. A shoulder harness and belt are included for hands-free use. The single wheel can also be fitted with a ski attachment for snowy conditions.

Additionally, at least three carts have undergone recent crowd-funding campaigns on Indigogo and Kickstarter: the Monowalker, the Armadillo EVS and the Trailpod. The Trailpod features an enclosed water-resistant pack integrated into the frame, making it useful for not only the hiking trail but for more urban settings as well.

These carts aren’t only limited to use by backpackers and hunters, since they can be very useful for carrying gear to the beach, bringing tailgating supplies to a central spot, or carrying heavy garden supplies to a spot a traditional wheelbarrow or garden cart can’t reach.

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