January 13, 2016

Pets are a large part of many households. Many are treated less like pets and more like members of the family. This is increasingly evident by the millions of dollars consumers spend each year on products designed for making pets happy and comfortable.

Personalization isn’t limited to identification tags anymore. Pet owners are looking to show off their pets’ personalities, or to showcase their pets’ name, as well as designate certain items as belonging to one pet rather than another. Among the popular items for personalization are:

  • Identification Collars— These are now going beyond the I.D. tag, as collars are a great way for consumers to personalize an item for their pet as well as provide information to others in case the pet is ever lost.
  • Mealtime— Bowls, food mats, and treat containers are all available for adding pet names as well.
  • Pet beds and blankets.
  • Clothing— Sweaters, raincoats with matching boots, bandanas and more.
  • Walking and Outdoor Recreation— Leashes and harnesses, as well as hiking packs can all be customized.

While offering a large number of personalized pet products may not be feasible for many retailers, carrying a few examples of more popular names may help to increase sales in the pet supply area. Some of the most popular names from the past year – courtesy of Vetstreet.com – are: Bella, Max, Duke, Bear, Sadie, Zoey, Luna, Cooper and Jax.

As a final note, identification tags still remain a simple and popular personalized product, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Much like key blanks carried in many hardware and home improvement stores, I.D. tags come in a wide variety of themes, from popular culture and licensed brands to sports teams.

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