January 20, 2016

People are increasingly spending more outdoor leisure time entertaining family and friends, and along with this is the desire to have outdoor spaces that reflect indoor lifestyle while also maximizing comfort and utility. This includes having the ability to prepare and cook meals without having to split time between the grill and the stove. Outdoor kitchens bring the appliances and convenience outside so that homeowners don’t miss out on the fun of their garden parties.

While the grill is the primary appliance for outdoor cooking, there are many additional products and features that make it onto the wish lists of consumers who are in the market for an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space. Those items include: plumbed prep sinks, fire pits or fireplaces, and entertainment systems with surround sound and television. Additional desired features are:

  • Beverage centers that include appliances like ice makers, beverage coolers and compact refrigerators, like those by Orien (www.orien.myshopify.com)
  • A bar area overlooking the kitchen so the cook can prepare the meal without being separated from his or her guests.
  • Ample storage and counter space for food, utensils, and more. Whether cabinets are stainless steel, wood, or high-density polyethylene (like those by Werever Outdoor Cabinets—www.werever.com), or are custom-built or prefab, having enough storage and workspace is key to a functional outdoor kitchen.
  • Pizza ovens. With a variety of styles, including wood fire, gas and electric, and coming in a range of price points, retailers have many choices to offer consumers. Examples include the double-oven Duetto by Alpha Pizza (www.alfapizza.it), or the Model Americano by Chicago Brick Oven (www.chicagobrickoven.com). And for customers who want a pizza oven but don’t have the space for a separate unit, grill-top ovens like the Retailers’ Choice Award-winning BakerStone Pizza Oven Box (www.bakerstonebox.com) could fit their needs.

Retailers have a great opportunity to assist consumers with the planning and purchase of outdoor kitchen materials, appliances, and accessories to meet their outdoor living needs. In asking consumers the right questions about their desires and goals, budget and available space for their cooking and entertaining area, retailers can guide customers toward achieving their perfect space.

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