February 3, 2016

Today’s sleek and modern bath designs seek to eliminate disruptions to the visual flow of a space, and this includes the interruption caused by traditional drains in showers. One way for consumers to achieve a modern look without this break in line is through the use of linear shower drains that blend floor and shower.

Linear drains for residential use come in at least two design looks—exposed grate and tile-topped. Tile-topped designs incorporate the same tile used for the shower surround into the cover for the drain, making the drain practically imperceptible to the consumer. In traditional grated linear systems, the drain channel is covered by an exposed metal cover, which can incorporate varying designs, such as slatted, perforated or custom.

While linear drain systems can be self-installed by a serious DIYer, they are best handled by a reputable plumbing contractor so that municipal codes are met.

For a gallery of photos showcasing linear drain systems in application, visit Houzz.com at http://www.houzz.com/linear-shower-drain

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