February 3, 2016

Multi-tools can be extremely useful for times when the toolbox is unavailable, or when larger tools aren’t the best fit for a particular job, and for many consumers, these handy gadgets are the perfect items to carry in a pocket or bag for those times when quick repairs or other tasks are necessary.

A wide variety of multi-tools are available on the market, and depending upon the clientele, retailers might want to carry a few versions in their inventory. Multi-tools can range from light-use models to contractor-grade products, and can range in the functions they perform. Most contain basic tools, such as slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, a cutting blade and pliers, but others provide items such as hex drivers, magnifying glasses, wire cutters and even LED lights. Three popular brands are:

Additionally, there are several multi-tools available that are small and slim enough to fit in a wallet. Some of them qualify as TSA-compliant, making them the perfect tool to carry anywhere. Just don’t assume, though, that because of their size these gadgets can’t do the job. Examples include:

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Card Lite with 12 functions including a LED light. (www.victorinox.com)
  • Cha-o-ha Design (www.cha-o-ha.com) EDC Card. Thirty functions, blade quality stainless steel, sourced and made in USA.
  • Zootility Tools (www.zootilitytools.com) 12 function PocketMonkey multi-tool and 7 function Hedgehog utility tool. Both made in USA of stainless steel. The Hedgehog comes complete with a comb that lends to its fun appearance as well as utility.

In-store, multi-tools products can be easily displayed with convenience items, either at checkout stations, or alongside keychains, lanyards, and other impulse items.

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