New Portable Beverage Containers

February 3, 2016

The growth of the craft brew and microbrewery industry, as well as the popularity of at-home soda machines, has created a unique opportunity for manufacturers to develop products that can transport carbonated beverages without leaking, while maintaining optimum temperatures and preventing loss of effervescence. Many of the standard reusable containers of the past either lacked the needed insulation, or leaked under pressure from carbonation, leading to flat beverages and messy cleanup.

Several companies have developed growlers and beverage containers that can both withstand the pressure from carbonated beverages without leaking as well as keep those beverages at the desired drinking temperature for consumer enjoyment. Among those products are:

  • The Stanley 64-oz. Classic Vacuum Growler, the Classic Vacuum Pint, and the Adventure Vacuum Bottle (
  • The HydroFlask 32-oz. and 64-oz. Beer Growlers (
  • Kleen Kanteen’s Classic Growlers in 32-oz. and 64-oz. sizes (
  • Miir ( 64-oz. Vacuum Insulated Growler. In partnership with several non-profit organizations, a portion of each sale goes to providing people with clean drinking water.
  • DrinkTanks 64-oz. Growler and 128-oz. Juggernaut Personal Keg ( Additional accessories, such as a keg cap and CO2 cartridges, are also available.
  • KegWorks ( stainless steel 1-liter Growlettes and 64-oz. Growlers.

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