February 10, 2016

Bicycles have always been a popular form of recreation, and as more cities embrace community trails and dedicated bicycle lanes, consumer need for storage solutions will increase. Retailers can help meet these needs by offering a selection of permanent and freestanding solutions designed to store the two-wheeled devices.

Freestanding bike racks are a great product for renters, or for consumers who want the flexibility of moving their bikes to different areas depending upon the season. These racks come in two basic configurations—horizontal/side-by-side, or vertical. Horizontal racks, like the RAD Mighty Rack by RAD Cycle Products (http://www.radcycleproducts.com/rad-products/bike-racks-stands), work well for individuals who ride often and want quick access to their bikes, or for families with children. Vertical racks help to save floor space by moving storage off of the floor and can come in tripod, leaning or compression-post styles.

Permanent bike storage solutions also come in a variety of options, but all require fixed installation, making them best for consumers who know exactly where they will store their bikes, and who own rather than rent their dwelling. Large, heavy-duty hooks carried by most hardware retailers are the easiest and most cost-effective choice for the consumer. Additional styles include cable and pulley systems, like Racor PBH-1R Bike Lift (www.racorstoragesolutions.com), or the flat-bike-lift, a hydrolic-assist rack that holds the bike flat against the ceiling until ready to use (http://flat-bike-lift.com/).

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