February 10, 2016

Among the current trends in bathrooms is the use of glass enclosures for showers and tubs. Glass allows for light to flow unrestricted through the space, and in the case of clear glass doors, the line of sight is unimpeded, making bathrooms appear larger and more open.

With the variety of options available for glass shower enclosures, retailers will need to be prepared to guide customers through the process of choosing the right application and products to fit their needs. Additionally, retailers can also recommend the right products for cleaning and maintaining glass enclosures.

According to an article in the Winter 2015 issue of Fine Homebuilding’s Kitchens and Baths magazine, some items consumers need to consider when choosing a glass shower enclosure are:

Installation: Will the project be DIY or professionally installed? Some glass enclosures can be more complicated, which may be difficult for some DIYers to tackle on their own. Frameless glass tends to weigh more and should be installed by professionals or by highly experienced DIYers.

Type of enclosure: Framed or frameless? This decision will help guide other choices of materials and will typically depend on the size of the enclosure.

Glass clarity: Clear glass allows for the most light to flow through the room but offers no privacy, while patterned and tinted glass breaks up the visual line of the space, but can offer varying degrees of privacy as well as a decorative elements.

Hardware: While hardware choices are often made for aesthetic value, retailers should make certain that customers are purchasing the appropriate hardware for their installation, as well as hardware that is of good quality to withstand the daily wear and tear of a bathroom environment.

Cleaning supplies: If not properly cared for, glass can begin to show signs of wear or etching, especially in regions with hard water or if harsh chemicals are used for cleaning. Retailers should recommend cleaning products and tools that are specifically meant for glass to avoid premature wear.

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