February 24, 2016


Spring is right around the corner, and many consumers are dreaming of outdoor activities. Whether camping, backpacking, hunting, or spending a few days at the lake, these activities not only are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, they are also a great way for retailers to promote products that make these activities safer, more comfortable and more convenient for the consumer.

Having the ability to rest or sleep while raised off of the ground is one of the growing trends for the outdoor recreation category. Tents that can be suspended between trees or from a cliff-face, and hammocks that can be enclosed or converted into hanging chairs, are among the many products available for outdoor enthusiasts. One product even installs onto a truck bed or roll bars, for those who take their truck or Jeep into the wilds with them. Click on the links below to learn more.

Being away from civilization doesn’t necessarily mean that modern conveniences of portable electronic devices or electric light should be left behind. Packable solar panels and products that turn woodfire into charging power, such as those listed below, are just a couple of items that allow consumers to go off-grid without leaving electronics behind.

Not only is having charging capabilities a popular trend, so is having a favorite beverage on the trail. Whether it’s coffee or a favorite microbrew, consumers want products like the three listed here that can keep drinks at the proper temperature.

Finally, it’s the little things that keep outings running smoothly, and having a few items like these can help.

  • Reflective rope, like NiteIze Reflective Rope Pack (www.niteize.com), or glo-in-the-dark rope like GloRope (www.glorope.com), can make tent tie-downs more visible, lessening the chance of tripping at a dark campsite.
  • A multi-tool, such as the Leatherman Signal Survivalist Multi-tool (www.leatherman.com)
  • A water-resistant first-aid kit, like the Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker, by Adventure Medical Kits (www.adventuremedicalkits.com).

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