February 24, 2016


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), farming remains one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Each year, serious injuries, and even deaths, occur. Fortunately, some injuries are preventable with the right equipment or information.

Hobby Farms magazine published the article “20 Tips for Safer Farming,” which not only offer good advice on what to look for when tending to livestock or performing other chores, but also provides hardware retailers insight into some of the items farmers might be looking for when visiting stores. Some safety items include:

  • Gloves—heavy-duty leather for general purpose work, nitrile or rubber gloves for work with chemicals
  • Safety glasses
  • Work boots—steel toe, leather, and rubber boots
  • Fire Extinguishers—include those that can be easily stored on or mounted to farm equipment or in barns.
  • First-aid kits
  • Respirators for working with chemicals, dust masks
  • Safety harnesses for working in high lofts or grain bins
  • Maintenance items, such as commonly used hoses, clamps, and more.
  • Chemical storage cabinets and tool organization items
  • Wireless fire sensors and alarms for barns and storage sheds.
  • Lock out/tag out kits for use during maintenance on large equipment or systems (especially important on farms with multiple workers).

Retailers not only have a prime opportunity to assist farmers with their farm safety needs, they can also play a role in teaching the next generation about safety. Hold a farm safety day with kids’ activities, and invite parents to shop specials at the store.

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