March 2, 2016


Warm weather is fast approaching, and consumers are starting to look for products to make their time spent outdoors more comfortable and entertaining. According to Hardware Retailing magazine (, there are a few areas that trend when consumers are looking to update and expand their outdoor living areas: grills & smokers, lighting, fire features, furniture, and native & edible plants. Check out the list below for new products in these categories.

Grills: One of the more popular outdoor activities consumers participate in is grilling, and one of the newer grills of 2016 is The Homping Grill, a portable tabletop charcoal grill that is “nearly smokeless” ( Adjustable temperature control and use of only a few briquettes makes it a suitable contender for not only home use, but for tailgating as well, thanks to the carrying case.

Lighting: LED lighting has been gaining serious ground in the overall lighting category, thanks to the faster light time and increased efficiency over the standard CFL. Outdoor lighting is one way consumers are extending the usability of their outdoor spaces as well as illuminating the exterior features of their home and landscape design. One new product in this category is the NR LED Uplight from FXLuminaire (, a copper uplight fixture for landscape.

Fire Features: Comfort is key when relaxing outside. Outdoor fire features can help take the bite out of chilly night air while also providing ambience and maybe a bit of fun at the same time. The Outdoor Great Room Company is one company offering three new fire table products for 2016 (

Furniture: New furniture designs are also hitting the market; for instance, from the Netherlands comes the Lamzac (, an inflatable lounge chair that is easily transportable. Made from a durable rip-stop nylon, users only need to open up one end, swing the product from side to side to capture air, then seal the end to make it ready for sitting.

Native Plants: Sustainability has become a growing consumer concern. Seeds and transplants for vegetable gardens and edible landscapes, and plants native to the consumers’ specific region are gaining in popularity, with consumer desire to know the origins of fruits and vegetables, and their demand for preserving the environment as the driving forces behind the growth. Retailers can find a list of plants native to their regions by visiting

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