March 23, 2016


According to a recent Gizmag article (, General Electric will be ending production of their CFL lightbulbs, citing a decrease in sales as well as new governmental regulations on energy efficiency in lighting. Gizmag also went on to speculate that other CFL manufacturers may follow suit with some of their lighting products as well, as there may be fewer that meet the new specifications.

The newest set of Energy Star regulations that rolled out in January include several adjustments to previous rules. They include:

  • 15,000 hour minimum rated life requirement for omnidirectional solid-state lamps and 25,000 hour minimum life for directional solid-state lamps.
  • Minimum power factor for omnidirectional lights between 5-10 watts reduced to 0.6, while other lights allowed to remain at 0.7.
  • Energy Star certification to allow Department of Energy testing along with expanded testing for certain lamp types.
  • Clarified color-tunable lamp definitions for Energy Star-qualified products.

For detailed information about the new regulations, visit the Energy Star site at Additionally, Energy Star is hosting a series of lighting webinars to cover various topics, including color quality and connected lighting trends (

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