March 23, 2016


Most consumers know paint is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the look of a room. However, in order to achieve that professionally painted or designer look, or to fix specific problem areas, incorporating additives into the paint can go a long way in achieving that desired outcome. From additives that reduce the look of brush strokes, to ones that add sparkle or make disposal of leftover paint more environmentally friendly, there are products that can tackle almost any issue a consumer might have. Some of these products include:

Paint Conditioners—extends drying times and helps reduce or eliminate brush marks

Surface Bonders—increase paint adhesion to difficult surfaces

Texture Additives—provide a non-smooth finish to walls, or non-skid texture to floors

Perfumes—slow release, long-term air freshening

Mildewcides—for inhibiting growth of mold and mildew on painted surfaces

Paint Hardeners—add to leftover paint for safe disposal

Other Products

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