April 6, 2016

In many kitchens, especially those that are open to other living spaces, or have an updated or modern design, there are often fewer upper cabinets, putting a premium on storage space and leaving homeowners to face where to put items such as plates, cups, and servingware. Wider, deeper drawers are available for these pieces, and can be customized with dividers to maximize space and hold fragile items in place.

Drawers don’t always have to hold items horizontally either; slim-line drawers near prep areas can hold cutting boards, while those near ovens can corral baking sheets, all within a narrow space. Additionally, these pull-outs have other uses as well, such as knife or cooking utensil storage, or as a spice rack. For additional examples, check out companies like Rev-a-Shelf (https://www.rev-a-shelf.com/).

Finally, kitchen drawers don’t even have to be actual drawers. With advances in technology, several kitchen appliance companies have developed drawer-style dishwashers, refrigerators, warming drawers and even microwaves. Some examples include:

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