April 13, 2016


When is a light more than a light? When it can pull double duty and do more than just illuminate a space. Light therapy is one area in which the dual-purpose concept has taken hold. Whether for skin care or combatting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), these light units can fit into a health-conscious lifestyle.

Another dual-purpose light is the ZappLight (http://zapplight.com/), a 9+1 watt, open-sided bulb that not only illuminates a space, it also attracts and kills pesky bugs, including mosquitos. Fitting into a standard light socket, consumers can utilize ZappLight in a similar way to a three-way bulb: as a light only, as a bug-zapper only, or both the light and the zapper features together. Its low wattage is perfect for the energy-conscious consumer as well.

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